Get certified to train others physically, emotionally & spiritually.

Practice WholyFit classes by video, live or online.

WholyFit online certification

Fitness: Body, Soul & Spirit

Get certified in the original, branded WholyFit stretching system through the WholyFit online fitness certification program, accessible right from home.  Use the pro login to access your training site 24 hours a day.  WholyFit Fitness Trainer, Health Coach and Personal Trainer certification includes one on one online teacher training with your own Mentor Trainer.

Fitness for the Whole You

Are you tired of fitness that focuses solely on looks?

WholyFit original flexibility and stress management system will stretch your faith, not just your body. WholyFit Christian health fitness trainers coach others for w-holistic wellness inside and out, in an atmosphere of Christian love! Manage stress while you strengthen spirit, soul & body, stretching to scripture that moves you inside and out.

WholyFit stretch-core is better than yoga.

Meditate on Scripture, training more wholly and biblically. WholyFit is safe for body, mind and spirit. Practice WholyFit Christian alternative to yoga routines to Scripture like the “Armor of God,” and “Beauty for Ashes,” with exercises named after biblical concepts like “Shield of Faith.” WholyFit is stretching, and is not associated with yoga in any way.

WholyFit Beyond’s fusion online fitness classes, with dance, cardio, stability and strength training

After initial certification, trainers can get certified in other WholyFit fitness formats to fit the whole you!  Professional membership gives you access to the pro community for group support, ongoing continuing education and teacher training. Manage stress and make friends both online and in person, during small group training environments proven to improve fitness by 300%.

WholyFit is Your Local Fitness Studio

Do you want a fitness expert to train you at home?

You got it! Your WholyFit group fitness instructor, personal trainer and health coach is just a click away, ready with God’s Word plus the most cutting edge exercise science and technology. You’ll always have access to your local WholyFit studio! WholyFit trainers offer in person workouts in your city, video workouts live and pre-recorded, online 24 hours a day. 

Stretch, kick, dance, step or SlowFlo!

WholyFit Certified group exercise instructors, health coaches and personal trainers model personal wholeness through faith in Jesus Christ alone, as fellow believers and  Overcomers persevering the trials we all face. The Word of God is healing to the whole you because Jesus is the Prince of Peace.

Choose from live training or videos you can practice time and time again.

WholyFit exercise videos provide care and coaching from beginner, intermediate, or advanced fitness workouts that require little to no equipment, and are great for small spaces.  Just get there! We’ll do the rest.

WholyFit Original, Branded Stretch & Strength Fitness Format

Freely Subscribe to WholyFit YouTube and stretch to Scripture for a renewed mind, regenerated spirit and re-energized body.

Join Public Membership on the WholyFit Christian YT Channel for ‘WholyFit Beyond” cardio, kickboxing and strength classes, and even nutrition counseling!

Shop for workout videos featuring the WholyFit original stretching system and more: DVDs, Downloads, rentals.



I definitely endorse WholyFit. Here’s why:

When you look at yoga, yoga has some poses and exercises that frankly, are dangerous and you need to be wary…as an exercise physiologist…

…so from the biomechanics standpoint, from the physiology standpoint, and just from the pure fitness standpoint, you’re going to get a better product (with WholyFit).

So if you’re going to learn it, learn it the right way and WholyFit is the way to go.

“Laura’s knowledge in the area of exercise, physiology, biomechanics, flexibility and strength training were far above and beyond any of the training I had previously. My journey with Laura Monica and WholyFit over the last 10 years has been from a distance and thankfully Laura has learned and lead our ministry amazingly in the use of technology and online instructing and online learning platforms.”

“I heard about WholyFit and thought, “This is a combination of everything I love: movement, strengthening stretching, breathing and it’s done to the Word of God. So you’re learning the Word of God; Your movements are to the Word of God; and you do it to worship music… Its’ a community, it’s also a ministry platform.”

“…even after being a fitness professional for over 30 years, a lot of the things …I’ve learned through her (Laura Monica), I haven’t learned through other trainings and I’ve been through a lot of trainings, I teach a lot of formats, and I’m also a personal trainer myself and I have really benefited in a big way from Laura’s training.”

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