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Stretch without doing yoga.

All body types.

All ages.

WholyFit Courses

Instructor Certification

  • Scientifically proven flexibility training ALL online
  • No previous fitness instructor experience required
  • Study at your own pace and time frame
  • See below for more details….

Online Gym

  • Online access 24 hours a day
  • Updated regularly and lead by WholyFit Certified Instructors
  • Only $5 per month
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Equipping leaders to train others physically,
emotionally and spiritually.

WholyFit Course Details

Certification Part 1- Silver

  • Completely online and costs only $200 USD!
  • Learn to teach biblically & scientifically based stretching classes from the comfort of your own home – or anywhere with Internet access!
  • WholyFit Certification is a professional Personal Trainer/Group Exercise Instructor Certification, appropriate for teaching in churches, in private settings, and in fitness facilities of all kinds.
  • Learn the WholyFit core flexibility and strength training program.
  • No previous fitness instructor experience required.
  • Receive an in-depth knowledge about fitness principles, exercise technique, exercise-related anatomy, proper form, and participant safety.
  • You will learn the anatomy and biomechanics of WholyFit.
  • Learn how to be an effective leader.
  • You will get encouragement to live a Biblical lifestyle.
  • You will access all materials online and have access to a Mentor-Trainer, who will assist you with learning the postures through photocoaching.

    Completing Silver Online training is required before you can teach any WholyFit Layer 1 Classes.

Certification Part 2- Gold

  • Ready to take your fitness instructor skills to the next level? Then go for the Gold! After completion of Silver Certification, you are ready for Gold Certification training.
  • All online and costs only $300 USD.
  • Introduction to WholyFit Layers 2 and 3 (progressed postures, advanced modifications for athletes).
  • Photocoaching- you will be coached one-on-one to determine where your body is now in relation to advanced biomechanics and how to do the advanced postures if desired including what to work on, etc. We will take you as far as you want to go.
  • Gold certification also opens doors for you to continue training in Advanced WholyFit Postures with our online classes for certified instructors.
  • Get your certificate online through email.
  • You will have access to the WholyFit Staff and with Corporate Mentor Trainers (WholyFit Instructors who have been trained to certify others)  all while learning how to safely perform advance postures, and competently teach advanced layers of WholyFit. Mentor-trainers will be there to give you one-one-one attention and assistance.

Expansion Courses- Fusion Classes

Extension courses are available to Gold Certified Instructors in order to learn to teach the following “Fusion” group exercise classes:

  • A.R.T. (Aerobic Resistance Training) – low impact with weights
  • K700 – kickboxing
  • SlowFlo – TaiChi inspired martial arts movement with sign language praise
  • Soul to Sole – Walking Program
  • Adore – Worship Dance
  • And more… see below

Note: All of WholyFit’s certification programs require a current, ongoing $5 monthly WholyFit membership both during training and to remain certified after completion.

Expansion Courses