WholyFit Online Certification

















        Certification Part 1: Stability

        Group Exercise, Personal Practice
        • Train anyone of any fitness level with the WholyFit core flexibility and strength fitness system.
        • Learn 42 basic stability postures in the Armor of God Routine, the first routine of many more.
        • Train to incorporate God’s Word into every workout or to deliver the system in a secular environment.
        • Learn the WholyFit branded format of all WholyFit routines, which makes WholyFit different from yoga!
        • Fitness principles, exercise technique, anatomy, proper biomechanics (form) for personal training and leading group exercise
        • General population participant safety in a groups or individual setting.
        • Health Coaching development as an effective leader both spiritually and from a health fitness perspective.
        • Click here for more on the “About” page.
        • Adore Worship Dance Routine to the Armor of God “Heirloom” routine
          • WholyFit all online certification is lead by a Mentor Trainer.
          • Access all materials online from the comfort of your own home or anywhere with Internet access! 

          Certification Part 2: Strength, Flexibility

          Personal Training for all + Athletes
          •  Coach very fit individuals and groups using 142 WholyFit exercises in the Armor Routine, the first of many.
          • Whether you choose to perform the advanced strength and flexibility postures yourself or not, you will learn to teach them to others who need the challenge.
          • If you wish to practice the advanced postures personally, you will learn to fit them to your body gradually.
          • Learn the branded, original WholyFit multi-layer teaching technique to make WholyFit fit you well and keep you well.
            • Build mastery of the unique WholyFit Branded system for biblically & scientifically based stretching.
            • Flexibility and strength 5X faster than conventional exercise.

            Equipping leaders to train others physically,
            emotionally and spiritually.

            Continuing Education!

            $5 monthly Professional membership automatically renews certification and provides continuing education.

            New WholyFit Scripture Routines

            Professional Membership = continuing education, auto-renewing your certification periodically:


              • Work on continued mastery of the WholyFit branded stretching system
              • Access to 20 new WholyFit “Heirloom” Routines – Branded stretching routines to Scripture
              • Advanced Fitness principles, exercise technique, anatomy, biomechanics and teaching methodology
              • Trainings online and in person with Founder, Laura Monica
              • Personal access to Laura Monica, WholyFit Founder, through social media
              • Teach Special Populations
              • Pre/post natal
              • Advanced Anatomy and biomechanics
            More WholyFit Branded Systems

            Professional Membership = continuing education in Fusion Systems taught online and in person to WholyFit Certified Trainers:


            • Adore Worship Dance routines
            • A.R.T. (Aerobic Resistance Training) – low impact with weights
            • K700 – kickboxing with Black Belt, Laura Monica
            • SlowFlo – TaiChi inspired martial arts movement with sign language praise
            • Soul to Sole – Walking Program
            • Adore – Worship Dance
            • FLY – Aerial Arts
            • Ballefunkarate – Dance Cardio to music
            • P.L.I.E. – Kitchen Ballet Barre
            Global Support Group

            Professional Membership = global fellowship network:


            • Networking and fellowship with WholyFit Trainers worldwide on social networks
            • Online classes
            • Access to leadership opportunities in WholyFit
            • Learn to certify others!
            • Support each other, pray with each other from around the world

            Note: All of WholyFit’s certification programs require a current, ongoing $5 monthly WholyFit membership both during training and to remain certified after completion.