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        Click above to register for WholyFit Certification on the classic Platform at the regular price. This is the same content thousands have enjoyed globally during certification in WholyFit, delivered all online with help from a WholyFit Mentor Trainer.

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              Teach on the APP

              Teach WholyFit Group Exercise Classes in person at your church or venue; or teach classes online! Manage, promote, communicate with your participants with the WholyFit App. Use the WholyFit stretching systems for Personal Training, Health coaching and Wellness coaching too!

              LAYER 1: STABILITY
              • Train anyone of any fitness level with the WholyFit core flexibility and strength fitness system.
              • Learn 42 basic stability postures in the Armor of God Routine, the first routine of many more.
              • Train to incorporate God’s Word into every workout or to deliver the system in a secular environment.
              • Learn the WholyFit branded format of all WholyFit routines, which makes WholyFit different from yoga!
              • Fitness principles, exercise technique, anatomy, proper biomechanics (form) for personal training and leading group exercise
              • General population participant safety in a groups or individual setting.
              • Health Coaching development as an effective leader both spiritually and from a health fitness perspective.
              • Click here for more on the “About” page.
              • Adore Worship Dance Routine to the Armor of God “Heirloom” routine
              • Build mastery of the unique WholyFit Branded system
              • Biblically and scientficall based stretching
              • Flexibility and strength 5X faster than conventional exercise.
              • Coach very fit individuals and groups using 142 WholyFit exercises in the Armor Routine, the first of many.
              • Learn to fit advanced postures to others (or to yourself) who need the challenge
              • If you wish to practice the advanced postures personally, you will learn to fit them to your body gradually.
              • Learn the branded, original WholyFit multi-layer teaching technique to make WholyFit fit you well and keep you well.

              WholyFit Professional Membership

              Professional membership: support for your WholyFit Classes, continuing education, staff access to WholyFit APP.

              WholyFit Scripture Routines

              Professional Membership = continuing education, auto-renewing your certification periodically:


                • Work on continued mastery of the WholyFit branded stretching system
                • Access to 20 new WholyFit “Heirloom” Routines – Branded stretching routines to Scripture
                • Advanced Fitness principles, exercise technique, anatomy, biomechanics and teaching methodology
                • Trainings online and in person with Founder, Laura Monica
                • Personal access to Laura Monica, WholyFit Founder, through social media
                • Teach Special Populations
                • Pre/post natal
                • Advanced Anatomy and biomechanics
              More WholyFit Certifications

              Professional Membership = continuing education in Fusion Systems taught online and in person to WholyFit Certified Trainers:


              • Adore Worship Dance routines
              • A.R.T. (Aerobic Resistance Training) – low impact with weights
              • K700 – kickboxing with Black Belt, Laura Monica
              • SlowFlo – TaiChi inspired martial arts movement with sign language praise
              • Soul to Sole – Walking Program
              • Adore – Worship Dance
              • FLY – Aerial Arts
              • Ballefunkarate – Dance Cardio to music
              • P.L.I.E. – Kitchen Ballet Barre
              Member Support, Resources, App

              Professional Membership = global fellowship network:


              • Access to the WholyFit APP
              • Network and fellowship with WholyFit Trainers worldwide
              • Teach online classes to the public and each other on the App
              • Access to leadership opportunities in WholyFit
              • Learn to certify others = WholyFit Certified Mentor Trainer
              • Support each other, pray with each other around the world

              All WholyFit’s programs require current, ongoing $5 monthly WholyFit membership both during training and afterwards to remain certified through continuing education, according to professional industry standards.

              Equipping leaders to train others physically,
              emotionally and spiritually.