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 and stretch, tone, dance, or kick!

Multiple Video Workouts in each Collection.
Each Collection Features Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Choices
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Practice ‘Fusion Fitness’ Systems by WholyFit

Varied types of exercise:
‘Affirm’ Toning, “A.R.T’ Aerobics with Weights, ‘K700’ Cardio Kickboxing, ‘Step Up’ Cardio Platform, ‘Kitchen Ballet’ – Barre
Each Workout in every series offers Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced options.

 WholyFit Classics – DVDs By Mail

Single Workout in Each DVD.
Each DVD is appropriate for Beginner and Intermediate Fitness.
‘The Believers’ Armor’ Workout offers Beginner to Advanced options.
SlowFlo is very gentle balance with American Sign Language affirmations of praise.

WholyFit Classics – Streaming

Single Workout in each video.